UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A rally held in downtown Utica on Thursday pushed the Governor's ten-point Women's Equality Act. "The Family Planning Advocates of New York State" made their presence known in front of the State Office Building in Utica with proponents saying the Equality Act sends a message that New York State cares about women. However, opponents have on big problem with the legislation, and that's the topic of abortion. "Housing and lending to anti-discrimination to reproductive healthcare to human trafficking," M. Tracey Brooks of Family Planning Advocates of NYS said of women's issues that need addressing. "Pregnancy so women can stay in the workforce longer, earning their full paychecks before they leave for child birth to really making sure laws are updated to reflect where women are in society today." "They need to have both sides," said Pro-Life Supporter Alberta Patterson Davis. "Women are being mislead and women are hurting. I see women turn to drugs, women who have died due to abortions. There is something wrong when they don't want a pro-lifer in Planned Parenthood give the other side of their options." Petitions, both for and against the legislation have been sent to local state lawmakers.