Anti-hydrofracking rally held outside State Office Building in Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local group rallied outside the New York State Office Building on Genesee Street in the City of Utica on Wednesday afternoon, urging lawmakers to say "no" to hydrofracking.

The rally was organized by a local group out of Oneida County that calls themselves "Hydrofrack Relief," wearing t-shirts that read "All Fracked Up."

The group's mission is to get more transparency into the process of hydrofracking in an effort to stop the process all-together.

"The majority of the people do not want this," said Nancy Groves of Hydrorelief. "We want clean water and air more than we want money in our own pockets."

Lawmakers have not issued any statements to us in response to this particular protest.

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