Candidate Profile: Gregory Johnson

Gregory Johnson, Republican Candidate for 116th Assembly

Age: 32
Resides in: Marcy

Councilman, Town of Marcy
Commercial Pilot/Captain, U.S. Airways, reitred
Owns, a site that promotes engine and motor oil products


Greg Johnson has not only never raised taxes, but as a Marcy Town Councilman, he voted to reduce taxes more than 5% over the last two years.

Greg was raised in the Mohawk Valley, graduated from Whitesboro High School and started his aviation career in 1970 with Mohawk Airlines. He retired as a Captain with US Airways.

His profession has taken him all over the country, but his heart always brought him back home to the Mohawk Valley. He returned, reminded of how great it was to grow up here and wanted to use his experiences to help make this community great once again.

He was honored when he was asked to run for the Marcy Town Council. Marcy has not had a tax increase in over 15 years. Since joining the board, Greg and his fellow board members have actually reduced taxes. Greg will NEVER vote to increase your taxes.

Greg knows that lower taxes are key to getting our economy going again. He believes that passing a property tax cap in New York was a good start, but we need to do more. He will work and advocate for a middle class property tax and income tax reduction. He also believes that our state has a spending problem and that must be fixed immediately. He will fight to enact a cap on state spending to stop Albany’s out of control government spending.

He also favors and will work to reform New York’s tax code to make it simpler and fairer; remove the unnecessary barriers to stimulate private sector job growth; and last, but certainly not least…. Put an end to unfunded mandates.

Greg, like you, also knows it’s no secret that our Mohawk Valley needs jobs. Lowering taxes, reducing spending and making New York more affordable to live and do business is a good start, but we also need to have a plan to create jobs. Greg has a REAL plan to protect the jobs we have and create new jobs through developing Griffiss International Airport.

Greg is also tired of backroom deals, political favors, steering contracts, paying to play and outright stealing from the taxpayers. He believes that every public official needs to disclose who they do business with, to keep them honest and working for our interests; not the special interests.

He will have the courage and character to do the right thing, know right from wrong and he will always do what’s honorable. He will also do something outrageous by Albany standards – put his constituents first!

We need a representative in Albany who thinks like you and me, who’s one of us and who shares OUR values. Greg Johnson is that person.

As an Airline Captain with U.S. Airways, he understands the importance of responsibility, making good decisions and handling high-pressure situations. He knows what it’s like to be trusted and relied on.

Over the years when passengers boarded his planes, they trusted him as their pilot, to bring them to their destination safely. He see’s going to Albany and representing us the same way.

Greg Johnson shares the values of the people of the 116th District and is ready to go to Albany and get our state moving in the right direction.


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