Committee to Save New York on 2012 State of the State

By WKTV News

“Governor Cuomo's State of the State address struck the right balance between the tremendous success we achieved as a State in 2011 and the need to keep the progress going into the New Year. The Committee to Save New York stands ready and able to help enact the next set of reforms needed to strengthen our economy and our State.

“The Governor's focus on creating jobs was exactly right. His call for continued spending restraint, pension reform and mandate relief are all critical to that effort and we look forward to hearing more details in the days ahead about how we reach these important goals. Smart infrastructure investments and legalized casino gaming can produce real jobs and significant revenues for our State as well. In addition, we trust his push to reinvent State government will include the kind of regulatory reforms needed to support his focus on creating jobs.

“Despite our progress, New York faces significant challenges. The cost of doing business in New York continues to inhibit job creation, resulting in an ongoing exodus of skilled workers and college graduates. We need to end this vicious cycle by creating good jobs that keep the workers we need to fill them here at home and attract employers who need these workers for their growing businesses. Holding spending in check, balancing the budget without gimmicks or new taxes, and making sound investments in economic development was a good first step. Now we need to do it all again, and build on that success with more reforms.

“New York is stronger than it was thanks to the remarkable reforms Governor Cuomo and the Legislature enacted in 2011, but our efforts to save New York are far from over. The fight for reform begins anew today.”

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