Hundreds gather wanting a change to gun control law


SALISBURY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Over 400 Herkimer County Residents filled the Salisbury Ridgerunners Club Wednesday to weigh in and learn more about Governor Andrew Cuomo's new gun control law. The forum was the second information session Assemblyman Marc Butler held on the issue revealing that many residents want the law changed.

"I think the law is intrusive, it's a feel good legislation that will not let anyone in New York State safer," said Tom King President of the New York State Rifle Association. "The politicians know that, we know that."

King and Assemblyman Butler put on the event to allow residents to ask questions and voice their concerns on the new law that now adds more restrictions to owning a gun. Many residents felt the gun control law is flawed and is an attempt at too much control.

"A lot of hand guns that are on the street right now are owned by law abiding citizens have more than the 7 round capacity, that's going to make them all obsolete," said Leonard Hendrix, Herkimer County Legislator who attended the forum. "It just was not well thought out."

Whether for or against the new legislation, many residents felt everyone should be concerned at how quickly the law was written up and voted on.

"We had the bill in our hands at around 9 or 10 o'clock the night before we voted on it," said Assemblyman Butler. "Just not enough time to look at the provisions of the bill and we continue to find a number of flaws and number of problems with it."

Flaws like forgetting to exempt police officers and the national guard in the new requirements.

"What if three or four bad guys come at him and he's only got a few bullets in his clip? "What's he suppose to do?" said Assemblyman Butler. "There are a lot of fundamental, basic questions here that this bill ignores."

To join Assemblyman Marc Butler and Tom King in telling Gov. Cuomo and Albany that you oppose any laws that limit your second amendment rights. You can sign the petition online at:

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