Key primary races, special election in City of Utica, Oneida and Herkimer County

Tuesday is Primary Day across New York State. Voting for primaries will take place at your polling location from noon until 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday is also the day Governor Cuomo has chosen to be the special election for the 116th State Assembly Seat vacated by Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito. Voting for this race starts at 6:00 a.m. and goes until 9:00 p.m.

Special Election - 116th State Assembly
Anthony J. Brindisi (D)
Greg Johnson (R)

Utica Mayor - Republican Primary
Michael Cerminaro (R)
Robert Cardillo (R)

Utica Common Council - At Large (vote for three)
Edward Bucciero (D)
Jerry Kraus (D)
Frank Meola (D) 
James Zecca (D)

Utica Common Council - 1st Ward
Alan Pelesic (D)
Frank X. Vescera (D)

Utica Common Council - 2nd Ward
Larry Tanoury, Jr. (D) 
David L. Testa (D)

Utica Common Council - 4th Ward
Joseph A. Marino (D)
Joan W. Scalise (D)

Utica Common Council - 6th Ward
Philip J. Bruno, Jr. (R) 
Samantha L. Colosimo (R)

Rome Mayor - Conservative Primary
James Brown (C)
Joe Fusco, Jr. (C)

Oneida County Coroner (vote for two)
Kevin T. Barry (R)
David P. Julian (R)
Greg Mills (R)

Oneida County Legislature - District 2
Kenneth G. Fort (D)
Peter Pascucci (D)

Oneida County Legislature - District 3
Patrick H. Brennan (R)
John J. Douglas, Sr. (R)

Oneida County Legislature - District 22
Harmony l. Speciale (I)

Oneida County Legislature - District 25
Franklin D. Davis, (D)
James Mason, Sr. (D)

Little Falls Mayor
Teresa L. Lee (D)
Robert J. Peters, Sr (D)
Margarita E. Widay (D)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 2
George Markwardt (R)
Michael A. Stalteri (R)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 3
Stephen N. Keblish, Jr. (R)
Robert J. Schraderv (R)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 5
Gary G. Jackson (R)
Raymond S. Johnson (R)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 11
Vincent J. Bono (R)
John J. Werczynski (R)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 13
Kevin D. Craska (R)
Bernard Peplinski, Sr. (R)

Herkimer County Legislature - District 16
Grace L. Klutschkowski (R)
Frederick J. Shaw (R)

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