Assemblywoman Tenney reacts to 2012 State of the State

By WKTV News

"My colleagues and I have another busy legislative session ahead of us. Governor Cuomo made it clear today that he has no serious plans to address Medicaid and Mandate Relief, or school aid reform, which are top priorities.

"Our local governments, school districts, and municipalities are under greater and greater pressure every year due to mandates handed down to them by the state. We cannot tolerate New York State’s excessive spending, particularly on programs such as Medicaid, which are riddled with fraud and loopholes. Medicaid is the number one budgetary item in New York and without comprehensive Medicaid mandate relief, the cost of living in the 115th Assembly District continues to rise and proves burdensome to our communities. Medicaid consumed more than $1 billion per week in the 2011 state budget and is devouring our local revenue.

"The Governor has shown an interest in acquiring private funds to support public programs, yet has not committed to reducing the cost of mandates on the New York taxpayer. I am going to fight this year for reform of the Medicaid. I hope the Governor and my colleagues in the Legislature will support me this coming session in providing Medicaid mandate relief, a real middle class tax cut, and school aid reform."

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