Cuomo says he will veto redistricting plan

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will veto the new district maps proposed by the state Senate and Assembly majorities.

Cuomo calls the proposal too political and unacceptable. A staffer confirmed Cuomo's plan to veto the new lines.

It would be hard for the legislature to override a veto because neither majority party has the two-thirds vote needed.

So legislative leaders will likely negotiate changes with Cuomo. Lawsuits are also expected to challenge the lines.

Cuomo's comment, his most definitive, came as Common Cause New York says the proposed districts would hurt black and Latino

The Republican majority in the Senate and Democrats controlling
the Assembly drew the maps that would set districts for the next 10

The Senate's Republican majority declined comment on Cuomo's plan to veto.

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