NYS Comptroller on 2013 State of State

By WKTV News

“Governor Cuomo demonstrated today that he has an aggressive agenda to push our state forward, foster economic development and rebuild our communities devastated after Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy’s victims are hurting and need help now. We need Congress to act and give us real disaster relief. As a state, we need to repair damaged areas, rebuild smarter and rethink how we prioritize critical infrastructure and capital projects around the state. We need to devote more resources to shoring up our vulnerable and aging infrastructure.

At the same time, our state faces a tough fiscal reality. State revenues are falling short and our heavy debt burden could jeopardize and delay critical projects. Many municipalities are in crisis and millions of hard-working New Yorkers are struggling to balance their own budgets.

The Governor gave his vision for New York and there is much work to be done. I look forward to working with him and the Legislature and reviewing specific details about the Governor’s plans when he releases his 2013-2014 budget.”

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