Brindisi: Cross-regional partnerships could be economic boost to upstate

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

UTICA, N.Y. - Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says that downstate New York food and beverage companies and entrepreneurs are interested in collaborating with similar firms in the Mohawk Valley who can provide them with the space they need for packaging and distributing their products.

Brindisi traveled to Brooklyn on Thursday to meet with downstate food and beverage producers in the district office of Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, and with officials from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Mohawk Valley EDGE President Steven DiMeo also attended the meetings.

"Specialty food and beverage products are a rapidly growing business in Brooklyn, but the companies' growth there is limited, because they lack the manufacturing space they need to produce and package their products," Brindisi said. "We were able to talk about the success Brooklyn Beer is having utilizing space at the F.X. Matt Brewery to produce their products. The companies we met with Thursday are looking for similar relationships."

"I think cross-regional partnerships, both in this field and in other areas, can open up our upstate markets to downstate buyers and vice versa. I feel confident that these initial meetings will result in more upstate-downstate partnerships, like the successful one between Brooklyn Beer and the F.X. Matt Brewing Company."

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