Seward and Leib both looking to represent 51st Senate District

By WKTV News

DECISION 2012 (WKTV) - 51st Senate Incumbent James Seward is being challenged by political newcomer Howard Leib.

Senator Seward voted Tuesday in Otsego County, saying there is unfinished business in Albany and that his 26 years of experience will help make sure the job gets done.

Howard Leib, the man vying to replace him argues that Seward is a career politician and a change in leadership needs to take place.

"I hope people will keep in mind my familiarity with the district," Seward said. "I represented the area for a number of years. I represented the area, they know me. It's been a good partnership over the years."

"It was certainly established going in that I was the underdog, Leib said. "But we got...the reason for running was to make sure this district had a choice, that issues were being aired, that the election would not be another coronation for a politician running unopposed."

The 51st Senate District is one of the only districts in the state that stayed virtually the same after the redistricting process.

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