22nd Congressional District candidate Dan Lamb makes campaign stop in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - 48 year old Dan Lamb of Dryden, in Tompkins County, is the democratic candidate for the 22nd Congressional District race in New York State.

Monday afternoon, Lamb made a campaign stop in the City of Utica, which is now part of the 22nd Congressional District.

Lamb has been in politics for the past 20 years as an aide to current 22nd Congressional District representative Maurice Hinchey. Hinchey, who has been in office since 1993, decided earlier this year not to run again after 10 terms in office.

Lamb says he learned a lot while working for Hinchey.

"The truth is, I love this work," Lamb said. "I have been doing this for a long time, and I understand the role of a representative about as good as anyone."

Redistricting has made the 22nd Congressional District even more scattered than before, now covering parts of eight different counties, including the portion of Oneida County which includes Utica and Barneveld.

Barneveld is where current 24th Congressional District representative, republican Richard Hanna, lives.

Hanna is now running for the 22nd congressional seat.

When asked if he thought he would have an advantage because he has been in in what's been known as the 22nd district, Lamb said, not necessarily.

"Well, about half this new district is in Hanna's current district, and about half isn't," Lamb said.

During his 15 minute speech outside of Liberty Bell Corner in downtown Utica in front of a couple dozen supporters, Lamb called Hanna 'his opponent,' even though to be called that, Hanna will have to beat fellow republican Michael Kicinski of Earlville in a June Republican primary.

Michael Kicinski told NEWSChannel 2 by phone Monday afternoon that Lamb is speaking prematurely and believes he will beat Richard Hanna in June's primary, and Lamb should be calling him, his opponent.

As far as politics, Lamb says he doesn't agree with much of what Richard Hanna has done in Congress since being elected in 2010, and pointed in particular to Hanna's recent vote against the so-called Import/Export Bank, which allots more U.S. money become available for businesses in foreign countries to borrow from the U.S. to be used to buy U.S. goods, thus increasing jobs here in America.

Hanna responded to this by saying, "I strongly support trade and appreciate the benefits that global exchange can offer for businesses and job creation in New York. I am concerned, however, that this legislation further increases U.S. taxpayer exposure and government participation by 40 percent in commercial transactions that are better left to the private sector."

The Republican Primary is set for Tuesday, June 26.

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