Congressman Hanna meets with seniors to discuss healthcare concerns

By WKTV News

YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Senior citizens enrolled in the Medicare Advantage Plan are concerned the cost of their insurance is going up, and more than a dozen clients of MVP Healthcare met with Congressman Hanna Monday afternoon at Symeon's in Yorkville to discuss their concerns.

They discussed the Affordable Healthcare Act and how it will affect them now that it is law.

Many seniors are living on a fixed income and Congressman Hanna says that while the plan provides insurance for more people, it doesn't live up to its name.

"This bill does not do what it pretends to do," Congressman Hanna said. "It isn't going to be cheap. It does give more insurance to more people, cover more people but it doesn't have a way to make it affordable."

Hanna says the Affordable Healthcare Act will cost middle class taxpayers $500 billion over the next seven years.

Mike Morosi, Campaign Manager for Democratic Congressional Candidate Dan Lamb, issued the following statement:

"Congressman Hanna went back on a campaign promise by voting to repeal health care reform without proposing an alternative or voting for a replacement. The bill was endorsed by the American Association for Retired Persons, and it has already provided 5.3 million seniors with a total of $3.7 billion in savings on prescription drugs. Over 30 million Medicare beneficiaries have received free preventive services and more than 2 million have benefited from new annual wellness visits. All of these benefits would be eliminated entirely if Richard Hanna had his way. "

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