Hanna: lack of movement on sequestration 'an embarrassment'

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

Congressman Richard Hanna said he is frustrated at how the sequestration deadline came and went with nothing done.

"Really is an embarrassment, I think, for our government and a sign of our severe dysfunction," Congressman Hanna said. "The fact that this $85 billion and inability to decide where to cut and to do it is such a willy-nilly kind of indiscriminate and less than thoughtful way is a shame, but it was set up this way and now it's happening, and hopefully there's still time to unwind it."

Congressman Hanna says it is now up to the president to determine where to make cuts.

Due to the sequester, there will be no layoffs at DFAS in the City of Rome, but there will be furloughs.

A DFAS spokesperson out of Indianapolis tells NEWSChannel 2 that if the President makes no changes to the cuts that are now in place, the 1,000 employees in Rome will have one day off a week, unpaid, for a total of 22 weeks.

The furlough would begin in late April, and end in late September.

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