Lamb, Hanna both say they want more research done on hydrofracking


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Democratic Congressional Candidate Dan Lamb visited Old Path Farm in New Hartford Thursday to discuss his views opposing the highly controversial issue of hydrofracking.

The farm sits on the Utica and Marcellus shale formations, which is an area where New York State may permit hydrofracking.

Lamb said he does not support hydrofracking because there has not been enough research done to determine if there are risks.

"I don't think we have the proper regulations in place, the proper safeguards to make sure it is indeed safe," said Lamb. "We haven't done the health studies, we haven't done the economic analysis."

His Opponent, Congressman Richard Hanna, echoed a similar sentiment.

"I've consistently said that I would only support fracking in New York if it is proven by science to be safe and would not put our water supply at risk," said Hanna. "Hydraulic fracturing has the potential to produce significant positive economic benefits, but should not be done at the risk of our aquifers. Fracking should continue to be primarily regulated by bodies closer to the people - state and local governments."

Lamb's campaign accused Hanna of a conflict of interest when it comes to the controversial topic of hydrofracking.

"Congressman Richard Hanna has invested as much as $2 million in the oil and gas industry, and holds stock in many of the companies that want to drill right here in New Hartford," said Lamb in a statement. "He stands to benefit financially from those investments if fracking moves forward, so it's no surprise that he's done nothing to make sure our air, water and property are safe. People in Central New York and the Southern Tier have seen far too many videos of faucets being lit on fire to accept inaction, but, as usual, all we get is lip service, ambiguity, and inaction. Instead of leading, this Congressman pretends to be an innocent bystander and that has to change. I challenge anyone to name one thing Congressman Hanna has done to keep this region safe from the risks of hydraulic fracturing.”

"Because it is relatively clean, affordable and abundant, natural gas is helping move us toward American energy independence. And energy independence is key to our national security. It also has the potential to diversify our region's economy, create energy, manufacturing and infrastructure jobs, and raise revenue for local governments," Hanna said. "If done in New York, the State's process should be transparent and include appropriate regulations such as chemical disclosure that make the most sense for our unique region. As President Obama has stated, it is imperative that we develop our natural gas resources safely, and I am hopeful that Governor Cuomo's decision will meet that standard."

Hanna and Lamb are running for a congressional seat in the newly formed 22nd congressional district.

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