Lamb: transportation bill passed only after provisions Hanna insisted on were dropped

By WKTV News

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Democrat Dan Lamb, who is running against Congressman Richard Hanna for the newly formed 22nd Congressional District criticized the incumbent Monday after an announcement regarding the passed Transportation Bill.

"Congressman Richard Hanna (R-NY) is visiting New York’s 22nd congressional district today to take credit for a highway law that slashes New York highway funding by $334 million over three years, costing over 11,000 New York jobs," Lamb states in a media release. "In another example of political brinksmanship, the final bill was passed at the last minute and only agreed upon when non-transportation provisions, like those relating to coal ash, arctic drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline, were eliminated. Hanna defended inclusion of these provisions in statements to the media."

“This law slashes New York’s highway funding by $334 million, causing the loss of 11,000 New York jobs,” Lamb continued. “Something is obviously better than nothing, but it’s amazing that Congressman Hanna thinks this is a victory. This law is a textbook example of what is wrong with Washington. Hanna insisted on packing the bill full of unrelated and controversial provisions. Only when those provisions were dropped did we get something that could pass. Now we know that the law actually cuts New York’s transportation budget. If this is what Congressman Hanna was holding out for, the average New Yorker must wonder if it was worth the wait.”

Background: (provided by Lamb)
FY 2011 Funding under current law: $1,741,860,554
FY 2012 Funding, under H.R. 4348: $1,625,892,416
FY 2013 Funding, under H.R. 4348: $1,625,892,416
FY 2014 Funding, under H.R. 4348: $1,639,826,487

Difference in funding over three years: $333,970,343
Number of Jobs lost: 11,615

(The job calculation is based on US DOT’s job calculation models that assume every $1 billion in federal highway funding — matched by state and local investments — supports 34,779 jobs through all sectors of the economy.)

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