Oneida County sample ballot misspells Obama's name


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Oneida County is making national news this weekend and county election officials are scrambling now just about 23 days away from Election day after a sample ballot spelled President Barack Obama's name incorrectly.

The sample ballot, still on the Board of Election website still shows "Barak" instead of what it should be, Barack.

Republican Election Commissioner Pam Mandryck tells NEWSChannel 2 that the ballots were reviewed by at least a dozen people and no one caught the error.

Mandryck says elections workers were in on Saturday to update the software templates and send them to the printer in Albany.

She says she is not sure yet whether the printer already printed the ballots and, if so, whether the error will cost the county any extra money.

Saturday was also the last day for people to register to vote and the Board of Elections opened a registration booth inside Union Station.

The typo has made news headlines across the country.

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