Congressman Hanna gets two union endorsements

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV)- Republican Congressional candidate Richard Hanna was in the City of Rome on Tuesday where he received the endorsement of two major local unions.

Hanna is running against Democrat Dan Lamb to represent the newly-formed 22nd Congressional District. Hanna has been serving as the Congressman for the 24th Congressional District, until re-districting takes affect in the new year.

The National Association of Letter Carriers and The Operating Engineers Local 158 are both throwing their support behind Hanna.

His opponent, Dan Lamb, earlier this month received a different endorsement from Rome's Revere Copper.

Hanna is a 25-year veteran in the Operating Engineer's Union of Syracuse.

The letter carriers are throwing their support in his corner because he supported their six-day work week and another bill that came through Congress.

When asked why they support a Republican candidate when many unions tend to support a Democrat, Richard Dobie of the Operating Engineers 158 said, " We don't worry whether you have a "D" after your name or an "R" after your name." Dobie said. "We support people who support working people. Richard is one of those guys and we're proud to have him and proud to support him."

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