Councilman wants City of Utica to look into shared services


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In an effort to help area municipalities through tough economic times, a Utica Councilman is looking to form a committee that will look into the possibility of sharing services.

Councilman Joe Marino is calling on officials from neighboring communities to come together once a quarter.

Marino says he would like to begin the initiative by exploring the possibility of sharing administrative, emergency, and DPW services.

He says these steps are necessary to help cash-strapped municipalities.

"We really need to protect each other and one hand washing the other," Marino said. "This committee can accomplish that. We have great minds in the area, we just need to use them."

Marino says each committee member would be required to sign a contact promising they will put their personal agenda aside and focus on the greater good of the community.

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