Former Utica Mayor Julian announces run for Common Council President

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. - Former Utica Mayor Timothy Julian officially announced Monday that he is running for President of the City of Utica Common Council.

"Right now, there is a lot of transition in the City of Utica and what the city needs is leadership and experience," Julian said. "Holding this seat would give me an opportunity to provide that leadership while drawing upon my experience as mayor to help navigate the city through the voluminous problems it faces."

Julian, who first served in 2000 as Common Council president, pointed to his 7 1/2 years as mayor of Utica, and noted that during his tenure, he raised the city's bond rating from "junk bond" status to a much escalated "investment grade" status, grew the city's fund balance, encouraged development and was able to grow the city's assessed valuation by close to $13 million. Comparatively speaking, over the past three years, the city has suffered a nearly $20 million loss in assessed valuation, according to the Assessor's Office.

"The fact that my administration was able to improve the city's financial position during very difficult fiscal times should be encouraging to Uticans," Julian said. "Despite a down economy, the city maintained superior police and fire protection, quick and reliable snow removal, infrastructure repair and maintenance, and vigilance over flooding problems. It's proof that the city's problems can be effectively handled with the right leadership in place; I am that leader."

Julian said he was also able to use his state and federal contacts to secure grant funding to construct a downtown parking garage. To date, the parking garage project has not begun.

Julian said he also implemented the current transformation of the city traffic lights, improved the Gateway/Utica Memorial Auditorium District, secured and oversaw the HOPE VI Project, among other accomplishments. His administration also attracted Utica National Insurance to build a site in Downtown Utica, as well as the AAA Call Center and various other economic development projects throughout the city.

Current Common Council President William Morehouse says he will run to keep his seat. Common Councilor James Zecca says he is also planning to run for the spot of Common Council President.

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