Re-structured Utica Fire Department begins to take shape

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The newly re-structured Utica Fire Department started to take shape Monday night at a Public Safety Committee meeting.

The group discussed some changes that will be made moving forward, changes that will keep all of the stations up and running.

As of Monday night, Fire Chief Russell Brooks says that all six firehouses will remain open, for now, but with some adjustments. Those adjustments will be financial and the amount of manpower each firehouse has.

Also discussed Monday night was the idea of building a new firehouse to replace two of the older buildings. For now, the adjustments will be brought to Mayor Robert Palmieri who will then discuss options with the fire union.

"As it stands right now, that's not, that doesn't mean it's gonna' be this way three months from now, all the firehouses will stay open. They will have bare bones staff and we'll test the waters," said Chief Brooks.

"We're looking at 23 per fire house for a 24 hour period," Councilman James Zecca said. "If we can meet that goal, we can keep the firehouses open and stay within our budget."

Councilman Zecca says he is hoping all of the details will be put together within the month.

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