Residents say they're feeling safer with Utica Mayor's "Quality of Life" sweeps


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some residents in the City of Utica say the sweeps that Mayor Robert Palmieri and city employees have been conducting around the city are making them feel safer in their neighborhoods.

Wednesday marked sweep #16, with teams starting on Kossuth Ave and Broad Street.

For three hours on Wednesday afternoon, officials met with citizens to clean up the streets and listen to their concerns.

"When they go by and clean it up, I think it's great," said Jane Williams, who lives on Kossuth Ave. "I think the mayor is doing a good job, a really good job. It's gonna' make some people stay awake with what they are doing around here, which is good, keep them on their toes."

Mayor Palmieri says he plans to continue his weekly sweep until the winter.

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