Roefaro Administration made headlines that grabbed both praise and criticism


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Mayor David Roefaro's administration was not an uneventful one, full of many 'headlines' - some of which prompted positive feedback from voters, while other garnered just the opposite.

One of the defining hallmark's of the Roefaro administration - the Mayor's Charity Ball. The black tie affair raised money for various local organizations, including the Utica Zoo and the Utica Public Library.

During his announcement on Wednesday, the mayor pointed to Harbor Point revitalization, saying all the grunt work needed to make the site marketable is now done.

The GroWest investigation was a major controversy. The mayor paid the Hage Law Firm of Utica roughly $200,000 to investigate the not-for-profit's practices, and months of legal haggling followed over whether or not the city should pay that bill.

The mayor took heat from voters on the appointment of life-long friend Dan Labella as Public Safety Commissioner, then Police Chief. Labella is now Public Safety Commissioner, again.

The mayor also completed the master plan he touted during his candidacy. Ironically, he has said that his first term was for formulating it; his second term, for implementing it.

Finally, a move that shook city hall to its core - the mayor in January fired three department heads on the same day - Corporation Council Linda Fatata, her brother, Community Revitalization Director Robert Sullivan, and Codes Commissioner Robert Palmieri.

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