Roefaro no longer seeking re-election as Utica Mayor


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Less than two weeks after formally announcing his candidacy, Utica Mayor David Roefaro on Wednesday announced that he will not seek re-election after all.

The mayor, surrounded by his wife and city department heads, said that he accomplished every goal he set forth during his candidacy and was looking forward to spending more time with his family.

"I'm looking forward to enjoying my time, for the first time in a long time. Public service is an amazing honor I've worked hard to earn and deliver in."

Specifically, the mayor highlighted the money raised for the city youth through the mayor's ball and a lower crime rate.

The announcement shocked many, even Common Council President Bill Morehouse, who saw Roefaro at an Estimate and Apportionment meeting Wednesday morning. Morehouse says the mayor simply told him he was having a press conference and that Morehouse might want to attend.

Roefaro advised all media attending his announcement to have their microphones at the podium. At the conclusion, left the building without answering any questions, simply saying that he'd vigorously carry out his duties until the end of his term.

Common Council President Bill Morehouse says he will seek Democratic Party support for a run as mayor, and isn't opposed to running in a primary. Former Mayor Timothy Julian, a Republican, says he will not run.

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