Samantha Colosimo announces run for Utica Common Council 6th Ward

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Utica College student has announced that they are seeking the Republican nomination for the Utica Common Council's 6th Ward.

Samantha Colosimo is graduate of Thomas R. Proctor High School and a graduate of Herkimer County Community College with an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently studying at Utica College as a Psychology and Childhood Education Major, graduating in May with a Bachelors degree.

On Thursday, she officially announced she will be running for the Utica Common Council, which she called "the first step I will take in creating change for the better in the city of Utica."

"I will take the time to learn from previous and current council about the duties and dedication it takes to hold a council position in the city of Utica. I will be committed to learning and implementing innovative, positive changes for the city of Utica. Community involvement is what will bring us together," Colosimo said in a released statement. "Everyone's questions, comments, and concerns will be addressed. I am a dedicated Woman who is willing to represent an entire group of people who are willing to help themselves."

Colosimo was raised in the North Utica and called herself an avid volunteer at numerous community events that are held in the City, including the MDA boot drive, the Boilermaker, Americas Greatest Heart Run and Walk, and the E.J. Herrmann Race.

"I look at 6th ward as one and I cannot emphasize enough when I say I stand here ready to represent one ward. The 6th ward includes districts 1-7, which are North Utica residents and districts 8 and 9 which are East Utica Residents," Colosimo said. "For those of you who do not know: The reason for this split is when the 2000 Census numbers came out and North Utica did not have a great enough population to support its own district, after careful consideration voters decided that North Utica's district needed be extended into East Utica's district in order to be equal with the other districts. I am seeking this seat to represent a constituency of voters within the 6th ward and a chance to help our community. Running for council I understand that I will have work with people of different views and backgrounds to solve issues."

The Utica Common Council 6th Ward seat is currently held by Dick Lawler. Lawler has yet to announce his intention to run again.

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