Utica Common Council President candidate encourages shared services with Yorkville Police, Yorkville mayor responds

UTICA, N.Y. - Tim Julian, candidate for Utica Common Council president says that he would encourage the Utica Police Department, Mayor David Roefaro and Public Safety Commissioner Dan LaBella to begin talks with village of Yorkville officials to share police services.

"This entire area needs to look at consolidation of services and ways to do things more cost effectively," Julian said. "This does not always mean handing things over to the county. Because Utica and Yorkville share a border this should be a natural fit."

Julian said the response time from Utica, as compared with the response time from the Oneida County Sheriff's Office should be compared and taken into consideration.

"The bottom line with all emergency situations is getting a car to the scene as quickly as possible," he added.

The cost to the Sheriff's Office could be trimmed and part of it could be sent to Utica to offset costs. Acquisition of some of Yorkville's officers could also be part of the plan, Julian added. For instance, an agreement could also make sense where part of Yorkville could be patrolled by Utica and part by county sheriff's deputies.

"Consolidation is one way we can begin to save on our bottom lines, but we have to aggressively pursue ideas and agreements that are fair and equitable to all," Julian said. "Any arrangement must not diminish the level of service taxpayers expect and deserve to receive."

Yorkville Mayor Tony Leone, issued a statement Thursday in response Julian’s idea, claiming he's already taken steps to make this happen.

Leone said, “Consolidation plans begin with a phone call, not a press release. Since July 2010, when I became Mayor of Yorkville, I’ve been directly engaged in consolidating public safety efforts. Today, talks with the Oneida County Sheriffs’ Office are both developing and positive. As I continue to lead the village of Yorkville, I’ll work hard to streamline operations while studying complex issues like jurisdiction and public safety demand. Tim Julian’s method of communication worries me but at the same time offers up a good example of how important fact checking and dialogue are in this process.”

Julian, a Republican, is expected to face off against current Democratic Common Council President in the City of Utica, William Morehouse.

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