Utica Mayor continues "Quality of Life" sweeps in Cornhill


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and various city department heads took to Cornhill's streets on Wednesday as part of his "Quality of Life Sweeps."

Starting at James Street and Taylor Avenue, the group headed west to Brinkerhoff Avenue and cleaning up Cornhill's 1500 block.

"So it doesn't look so run down, I mean if you take pride in your neighborhood, it'll look better," said Cornhill Resident Stephanie Tarver. "People wouldn't think Cornhill is a bad place to come, because there's so much garbage on the street and, you know, people hanging out. I think it's a really good thing."

Neighbors were pleased to see city officials turning their attention to the area, that they feel is getting a bad rep.

"Cornhill's name isn't a bad name. Cornhill's name is what made Cornhill. It's the people that come and force the bad name on Cornhill, 'D Block' right, that's a block that was forced," says Dudley Avenue homeowner James Mason.

Mason blames the neighborhood's temporary residents for its demise. He's happy the mayor's now helping Cornhill's long time residents turn it around.

"We're not going to get up and move, because you trashed our house to a point where you can't live in it anymore," says Mason. "We'll find a way to find someone to buy it, and fix it up just like they've been doing."

Mayor Palmieri says they've covered almost 25 miles of Utica so far, and said he hopes to continue the sweeps to hit every street in the city.

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