Utica Mayoral Primary candidate seeks to impound votes


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Utica Mayoral candidate is questioning the integrity of the results from Tuesday night's primary, and going to court to straighten out what some voters are calling a chaotic election.

Republican Robert Cardillo trails opponent Michael Cerminaro by 250 votes, with 75% of precincts counted. Members of Cardillo's staff say they worry that every voter's voice was heard Tuesday night.

"Yesterday, about 2:10 we received a phone call concerning missing ballots at a couple polling locations and we had a name of a person who said he could not vote because ballots were missing," says Cardillo campaign volunteer Armando Yacco.

Oneida County Republican Election Commissioner Pamela Mandryck says when a concern arose from a polling place, she told the election inspectors there to check again and that they did find the ballots. Mandryck adds that state election officials were in Utica on Tuesday at the local commissioners' request, and that those state officials later sent an e-mail commending their handling of the local races.

Mandryck says there is no question about the integrity of Tuesday night's races.

"There has been and there will continue to be nothing wrong with this process despite everybody barraging us with accusations of one sort or another. The voting process is solid, it's there, it's verifiable. We've done it multiple times," says Mandryck.

On Wednesday, local election officials are busy opening results, canvassing the races and preparing to go through hundreds of absentee ballots.

Mandryck says if the Cardillo camp wants a recount of the Republican primary for Utica Mayor, they will have to go to court and ask for it.

Robert Cardillo's campaign is doing just that. They filed the necessary paperwork late Wednesday to impound the votes, go to court and demand a recount.

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