Utica Republican Committee endorses Cardillo; Cerminaro still planning a run


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The City of Utica Republican Committee on Wednesday night endorsed their candidate for the city's mayoral race this fall, and it's not the city's sitting comptroller, Michael Cerminaro.

The party chose former Oneida County Legislator Robert Cardillo, who left the area for a while, but has returned and wants to be mayor.

"Name ID is very important, and we're going to do everything we can to get the message out and let people know who Bob Cardillo is, whether you knew me from 30 years ago, because I ran in 1981," Cardillo said. "I was 29 years old. Now, I'm 59 with a lot more experience and a lot more things to talk about."

However, the man who oversees the city's purse strings says he didn't screen for the endorsement, and even without it, he's still in the fight, and puts his faith in the voters.

"Remember, I just got in this a few weeks ago, so it was little bit late to go to any formal endorsements at this stage of the game on that particular issue," Cerminaro said. "It has been the overwhelming sentiment that a natural progression at this stage would be to seek the office of mayor, which I plan to do."

Cerminaro plans to run a primary against Republican-endorsed candidate Robert Cardillo in September.

On the democratic side, a primary could be brewing between former City Codes Commissioner Robert Palmieri and Common Council President Bill Morewhouse.

Democratic Party Chairman Mitch Ford says if the party decides to endorse a candidate, that would probably happen in mid-May.

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