Officials meet to discuss increase in accidents near Chobani plant


SOUTH EDMESTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - The State Department of Transportation, law enforcement, Chobani officials and a state senator were busy Tuesday making plans for Route 8.

Senator James Seward said there has been an influx of accidents in that area of Chenango County.

In an effort to try and solve the problem, the DOT has already put up better signage and widened the shoulders of the roadways.

Senator Seward attributes the increase in accidents to a few different reasons.

"The Chobani plant alone adds another 225 trucks a day in making deliveries to the plant and delivering their product, so this has increased traffic and it shows that Route 8 needs work, in terms of improvements to make it a safer highway," Senator Seward said.

The goals now are to better document the accidents in the area in an effort to build a case for additional money to improve Route 8.

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