Run on ammunition slowing orders for law enforcement


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Fearful of the new weapon controls, gun enthusiasts are buying up bullets bringing a nationwide shortage on ammunition. Law enforcement are seeing the unintended consequence to the new gun laws in filling their orders.

Utica police says in the past it's taken them three to six months to get their ammunition, now it's taking six to ten months.

The problem is two fold, more and more people rushing to buy ammunition fearful of the new weapon controls, and with the nation still at war.

"Particularly the ones for us causing a problem and that's the 223 round and 45 rounds and the reason why they cause a problem is those all have military applications," said Utica Police Sergeant Steve Hauck.

Sgt. Hauck says the military gets first preference when it comes to ammunition, then law enforcement.

He says it could create a problem for smaller agencies without resources or large agencies with many officers, however Sgt. Hauck says Utica's Police Department is okay thanks to thinking ahead.

"Fortunately we have very qualified, qualified guys who have been doing it for years so they foresaw an issue and ordered way in advance and for years have been ordering extra so if this type of situation arose we would have ammunition," said Sgt. Hauck.

Sgt. Hauck says if the laws stay the same, either the buying of ammo needs to go down or the manufacturing needs to go up.

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