NYS Police changing vehicle fleet


The driving public has seen the Ford Crown Victoria in action for years now, but that familiar blue look is about to change dramatically as Captain Francis Coots of the New York State Police explains, "unfortunately for the law enforcement community the two thousand eleven production year was the last year that Ford made the Crown Victoria police interceptor. "

The state is now in the middle of a selection process for the next fleet, and the three being looked at, the dodge charger, Ford Taurus and the Chevy Caprice and all have one thing in common, Captain Coots continues, "every trooper that is being trained in the use of these vehicles initially have the opportunity to try all three they are required to complete a survey and the results will be taken by our fleet management in Albany.

Officer safety is the first concern, as these rolling data centers get tested. The cars also need to accommodate radar units, gun storage lockers, safety equipment and room to transport prisoners.
The car that 'takes' the Crown will be selected by the end of this summer.
Already in service is the Chevy Tahoe used for CITE, "concealed identity traffic enforcement " Captain Coots says, so enforcement of laws for texting while driving, unsafe operation, and speeding, will be this units primary job. On the outside, the vehicles appears very plain, but when needed .. its ready with an incredible array of lights.

And if you're in the habit of rolling through stop signs or tickling that double yellow line, might want to change "your habits".. and get ready for the next generation of New York State troop cars.

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