Demolition starts, making way for start of arterial project in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Demolition began Monday near the arterial in the City of Utica.

A long-vacant commercial building on Lafayette Street underneath the arterial bridge will take about a week to come down.

It is one of 57 buildings set to be torn down as part of the $60 million project. The entire demolition process is expected to last through the summer.

Actual road construction of the new arterial will most likely begin next Spring.

"That's when we cold-start, seeing some issues with traffic delays and really some impacts," said DOT Regional Spokesperson Jim Piccola. "We're working right now to develop the best traffic patterns as we can, to work with everybody to make it as painless as possible."

Once that impact starts, it is expected to last quite a while, as the entire project isn't expected to be complete until sometime in 2016.

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