Boil Water Advisory lifted for Village of Newport

By WKTV News

NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Boil Water Advisory put into effect earlier this week has now been lifted for the Village of Newport.

According to Mayor Tom Roberts, tests on the water came back clear and water is safe for use and consumption.

The Boil Water Advisory had been issued Monday afternoon following a fire on Main Street that brought three fire departments to the scene. The fire reportedly started in a bedroom, but firefighters made quick work of the flames and the house was not too badly damaged. There is no word as of this writing as to what caused the fire.

The reason for the advisory was the village's ongoing water project, the Mayor said. Due to the project, there is low water pressure throughout the village. When this is combined with the use of water from fire hydrants, the village must automatically issue a boil water advisory, Mayor Roberts said.

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