Family told to get out of home as fire strikes Main Street buildings in Newport; water advisory issued

By WKTV News

NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - It took 50 firefighters from more than five departments several hours to put out an early morning fire in the village of Newport.

The fire struck the building on Main Street just before 7 a.m. on Tuesday, leaving a mother and daughter homeless and destroying two businesses; a laundromat and engineering firm.

Cathleen and Rebecca Woodul were in their upstairs apartment when the fire broke out. Cathleen thought her daughter had burned breakfast, but then, someone from the village knocking on their door, warning them to get out of the burning building.

"The back side of our living space was filling with smoke and literally you could feel right away when you were going in to get things that you shouldn't be there. It was affecting you right away you only had just minutes before it was going to cloud your thinking," said Cathleen Woodul.

The Wooduls say the bulk of their belongings are destroyed. They did manage to save their two cats, a treasured guitar and family photos, the ends of which are blackened but are still recognizable. They are getting help from the Red Cross and may stay with family.

Newport Fire Chief John Butler says firefighters rode up to a working structure fire. He says it's too soon to even speculate about a cause. Firefighters were still putting out hot spots four hours after the fire started.

Officials said Tuesday morning that a Boil Water Advisory was being put into effect until further notice for the entire village of Newport as a direct result of the fire.

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