Top 6 at 6: Best Hockey Plays

By Sports WKTV

WKTV - These are the best hockey plays of the season caught by our cameras.


Number six: RFA vs. Whitesboro at the Aud, Ryan Smith for the Warriors will not one not two but three quick saves including the diving stop.

Number five: Another great save, this time on a penalty shot, RFA's Mike Endres glove save and a beauty!

Number four: Here come the New Hartford plays, Mike Zalewski shoots the puck off the goalie stick and scores five hole against RFA.


Number three: Spartans vs. Caz Jason Fitzgerald with sweet stick moves then scores before getting popped, that's not easy.

Number two: More from Zalewski, how about this stick work...this was the first game of the season!

Number one: Zalewski once more, Eric Fitzgerald the shot, Mike on the re-direct. Why is that number one? That is also the first game of the season, takes a lot of skill and practice to pull off a play like that.

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