Proctor and RFA continue their quest to join the Tri Valley league

By Sports WKTV

WKTV - At this point, Proctor and RFA are not going to take "no" for an answer. After being turned down by the Tri Valley in their request to join the league, the two schools have gone to Section III for help.

They got that help. According to John Rathbun, Executive Director of Section III Athletics, the section's governoring board, the Athletic Council, turned the appeal into two separate motions. First up, each school within Section III (104 schools) recently received receive a ballot from the Section III Athletic Council with these two motions, both of which would place the majority of athletic teams for the Utica City School District and the Rome City School District into the Tri-Valley League.

Specifically, Motion 1 pertains to Proctora, which will place all of their sports, with the exception of Boys Baseball and Boys Basketball (which will stay in the CNYCL), into the Tri-Valley League. This of course pertains to sports that are already playing in leagues. Football and hockey are not included.

Motion II is to support RFA's petition to Section III for admission into the Tri-Valley League for all league sports with the exception of Varsity Boys Baseball. This decision would also not include Varsity Football, Gymnastics, Indoor Track and Hockey as these are scheduled by Section III.


These motions that have been turned into a mail ballot requiring Superintendent, Principal and Athletic Director's signature in order to be accepted. The deadline for these ballots is April 9th, A final decision will be made from Section III Athletic Council by the end of April.

According to Rathbun, It is the section’s responsibility to provide for league affiliation for those schools desiring affiliation. If the section's athletic council is unable to provide for league affiliation, they shall refer the problem to the NYSPHSAA,Inc. Executive Committee within 30 days for action.


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