New Hartford Girls Swim Team Goes For Number 10!

By Sports WKTV

For the last nine years the members of the girls swim team at New Hartford have enjoyed winning.

Section championships and Spartans seem to go hand and hand.

The 2006 version of the lady spartans however were not always the favorites to repeat.

Coach Tom Wells says the team has come a long way and now teams realize the Spartans are for real.

Having said that, the Spartans once again could be the ones to watch going into sectionals. Which begs the question, just how much pressure is there to live up to the history behind the programs success.

Both co-captains agree there is pressure, but they don't get caught up in it.

So if you had to pin it down to how this road has started, you go right back to hard work, and these girls learn it from day one by practicing hard.

Sectionals start on Thursday with the overall team championships and state qualifiers wrapping up on Saturday.

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