Dolgeville Volleyball Tournament Results

By Sports WKTV

Final Standings:
1st - Dolgeville 10-0
2nd - Beekmantown 7-3
3rd - VVS 7-3
4th - Morrisville-Eaton 2-8
5th - Old Forge 2-8
6th - Little Falls 2-8

VVS Match Results:
VVS def. Little Falls, 2 games to 0 (25-10, 25-18)
VVS def. Morrisville-Eaton, 2 games to 0 (25-14, 25-22)
Dolgeville def. VVS, 2 games to 0 (25-14, 25-17)
VVS def. Old Forge, 2 games to 0 (25-18, 25-19)
Beekmantown tied VVS, 1 game to 1 (21-25, 25-18)... Lost due to
head-to-head ponts (VVS -3 points)

VVS Top Player Stats:
VVS RED DEVILS (Kills-Aces-Blocks) - Stacey Tiffin 38-12-6, Natalie
Rizzo 19-0-7, Rikki Kneeskern 4-7-1, Shannon Siriano 4-7-0 (Assists) -
Danielle Dunne 37, Stacey Tiffin 23, , Emily Thurston 4 (Dig Leaders) -
Maria Macrina 31, Stacey Tiffin 22, Shannon Siriano 10

Coach Duey Weimer:
"2nd year in a row where we've fallen down a standing by 3 points;
however, we're starting to play together as a whole much better.  Stacey
Tiffin was placed on the tournament All-Star team, and had an excellent
day at the net and serving.  Our goal was to win this tournament, but
we're learning from our mistakes, and the girls' performance continually
improved throughout the day.  Dolgeville played amazing... It took us
forever to break the tough serves by Nicole Hunt (MVP) and Juleah
Vedder.  I've never seen serving that hard and that consistent.  Maria
Macrina was finally able position her body right to control the bullets.
 I'm pleased with our performance, and our progress is steadly
improving.  Living Word is visiting us at home on Monday, and we look
forward to a day off... 13 games in less than 24 hours had it's wear on

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