Leatherstocking Invitational this weekend at the Aud

By Sports WKTV

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -  The 24th Annual Leatherstocking Gymnastics Meet, sponsored by the Valley Gymnastics Booster Club, will be held January 16 &17 at the Utica Memorial Auditorium bringing together more then 640 New York State gymnasts from across the state to compete.

The gymnasts will compete at various levels, from beginning competition Level 4 to the highly skilled Level 10’s.   The gymnasts, ranging in ages from 6-18 years old, are divided into skill levels at specific times and will all compete on the balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercise and vault throughout the weekend.  The auditorium is split down the middle and two separate meets are going on simultaneously. So during each session time there are about 150 gymnasts on the floor competing.

Valley Gymnastics, the local training center, has 60 local gymnasts involved from the entry level to advanced levels.  Valley Gymnastics advanced team includes Meghan Pflieger from Holland Patent, who took 2nd place all- around last May at the Junior Olympic National Competition in Mississippi; she is competing this year as a Level 10.

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