SU's recent success creates a business buzz in Central New York


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Big wins all year-long have meant big business for those who sell Syracuse Orange merchandise. For the first time in 20 years, the team is ranked number one during the regular season - increasing those already good sales numbers.

From Otto the Orange dolls, to tie die shirts, to mini basketballs, Syracuse merchandise is flying off the shelves at Herb Philipson's in New Hartford.

"We sell other collegiate merchandise," said Gary Philipson, president of the store. "But Syracuse is by far a big, big number one."

Philipson says to prove the relationship between Syracuse wins and good business, look no further than this past weekend, when his stores sold out of shirts that read "Beat Nova."

"When the team plays better, there is no question you see a difference in the way it sells, absolutely," Philipson said.

Snatching up the hot SU items are big SU fans - some so young that they can't remember the last time Syracuse was number one. Syracuse Orange fan Brian Cleary, says he is excited about the new ranking, this year's team, and their massive potential.

"They can go all the way," Cleary said. "Yeah, they can have good nights, as you know, or they can have bad nights. If they have the right nights, they can go all the way."

If they do go all the way, Gary Philipson said the racks at Herb Philipson's will have to be cleared out to make room for the National Championship shirts that would soon follow.

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