Many notable female tech titans, but few in the board room

By NBC News

Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Sheryl Sandberg are just some of the notable tech titans in Silicon Valley.

But when it comes to board rooms, women have only a few seats at the table.

Now Jocelyn Goldfein is a part of an elite class of tech engineers.

Goldfein is a software designer and director of engineering at Facebook.

She loves her job but she says there is a real lack of women in management positions in Silicon Valley.

The Anita Borg Institute published a study that shows that women make up 48-percent of the entire workforce.

But when it comes to science, tech and engineering, and math related jobs, women hold only 24-percent of those jobs.

Dr. Denise Gammal worked on the research behind the study.

So, she says, the good old boy network is very much alive and fading slowly.

"Women need to learn how to share their accomplishments and toot their horns a bit more,” said Gammal. “They don't always put themselves forward for promotions and just sometimes approach things in a different way."

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