19 dogs allegedly abused in Oneida

By WKTV News

ONEIDA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Another alleged case of animal abuse was discovered Saturday night, this time in Oneida.

19 dogs were found by Oneida Police and the Angels of Fur K9 rescue in deplorable conditions in a two-bedroom apartment. 

The 14 Chihuahua's, 3 lab-chow mixes, lab dalmation and rottweiler were found with urine burns, filthy dirty, exposed bones and some were pregnant but immobile. The dogs are fearful of people and all need their teeth pulled.

The Angels of Fur K9 Rescue said the woman also had one persian cat and seven birds.

The home supposedly smelled of Ammonia.

Allegedly a 73 year old woman lived in the home. The Angels of Fur K9 unit was contacted about the dogs conditions inside the home days ago. According to the Executive Director of the Unit, they were able to retrieve some of the animals days prior, but with police assistance took the rest of the dogs out Saturday night.

Melissa Jones, part of Angels of Fur k9 Rescue said this is the reason why Oneida county needs a humane officer, " It's just disgusting but some people believe I'm taking care of them and they are the best where I am and they cant see how bad they really are because they do love them so much and they dont want anyone to take them... so they are willing to hide these situations until they come up with ways to help and sometimes by then its too late ."

No charges have been filed at this time.

The dogs were rushed to the veterinarian and given medication.


You can donate to Angels of Fur K9 Rescue on their website or Facebook page.




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