Claim leads to cancellation of Prospect's Fireman's Field Days


PROSPECT VILLAGE (WKTV) - The Village of Prospect and its fire department are fighting to stay afloat following a workman's comp claim that's forced them to re-evaluate their expenses and even cancel their annual labor day weekend, Field Days.

The Village of Prospect along with its fire company may be wiped out come the end of December. In 2008 at the village Field Days, a volunteer fire fighter hurt her foot while trying to break up an fight. After the field days were over, the Fire Chief said she recovered, received three doctors notes and was back to work, but not for long.

Wayne Premo, the Fire Chief for Prospect Fire Company said, "And after she moved and left the area thats when we found out she put in for a claim.

Premo is talking about a workman's comp claim that has caused this decades old fire company and village to be deep in debt.

Mayor Frances Righi said, "Prospect has been paying into the Oneida County compensation board... into that fund since 1932. This is the first big event we've had and its pretty much going to take us down."

The current situation is also causing the annual Field Days to be dissolved, potentially forever.

If the village accepts the settlement it will cost them a whopping $443,549 dollars which the Mayor said they just do not have.

The Fire Chief said they have three options:
1.) Go bankrupt.
2.) Dissolve the fire company.
3.) Eliminate the entire village and fire company becoming a hamlet under the town of Trenton.

The woman in question responded to our story and said, " The year the fire chief said the incident occurred was inaccurate. It happened in 2009. The claim was submitted at the time that the incident happened and not after I left the area." The woman who does not want to be named also said she has documents to support what she says. She was advised by attorney no further comment.

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