Utica City Council passes resolution after member calls Boilermaker route an embarrassment


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The Utica City Common Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday night after a local councilman called this year's Boilermaker route an embarrassment.

Councilman Joe Marino said it was more of an obstacle course this year because of construction taking place along the Parkway.

Boilermaker weekend attracts about 40,000 people and Marino says not only was the construction along the race route an eyesore, it was a safety hazard for runners dodging cones along the Parkway. He says construction projects need to be planned better and completed in a more timely manner.

The Parkway is part of Utica's 4th ward, represented by Marino, which is why he's taking up this issue. But, the resolution includes every part of the 9.3 mile route.

The moratorium will prevent construction along the route within one week of the race.

"We know for 36 years this race will be held and we know the Parkway will be highly visible. The Boilermaker is a bright, shining star in the city of Utica throughout the entire world. What we need to do is make sure everything looks as good as it can look. We have a lot of good going on in the city, but to mismanage a project like that during the biggest weekend of the year is inexcusable," said Marino.

We have contacted both Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and Boilermaker officials for their take on the resolution, but have yet to hear back at this time.

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