7-year-old Sauquoit girl appears in a national commercial


SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Alexandra Kiesel of Sauquoit went from an average third grader to a star in a national commercial within a matter of days. Kiesel auditioned for the new Quilted Northern bath tissue commercial and landed the role after just one audition.

The toilet paper commercial that appears on all major networks took six hours for three days to film. The plot features Kiesel teaching her, "little brother" about the benefits of using Quilted Northern.

The little girl who sings, dances and acts has had countless auditions for commercials, Broadway and even national movies. Kiesel said she feels lucky to have been chosen for the commercial, because she knows not every child gets this type of an experience.

"It was fun watching myself on TV because you know that those 3 days now you can see your commercial and I had to wait really long."

Kiesel had breaks while on set and still went to school during filming.

Quilted Northern has asked her to appear in their next commercial which begins filming next month.

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