Accused bank robber has one more week to consider plea offer


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of two men charged in the robberies of the NBT Bank in Rome in July and Bank of America in east Utica in May was in Oneida County Court Wednesday and was given one more week to think about a plea deal.

Ikiko Brown asked the judge for more time to decide on a plea offer from the Oneida County District Attorney's Office. Brown's co-defendant and cousin, Brian Brown, is due in court Monday to decide on a plea offer, but his attorney says he did not ask for more time today just to see what Brian Brown does.

"Certainly it's something we'll be very closely attuned to but our decision is going to be based on the evidence int his case that pertains to Ikiko," says defense attorney Leland McCormac.

McCormac also says that if his client considers a plea, it may include more than the two bank robberies included in the indictment against him.

"Well if there was a plea at any time obviously we'd want to wrap up any and all charges that he may possibly be implicated in however I cannot discuss the specifics of those allegations."

The judge gave Ikiko Brown one week, until September 29th, to decide on the plea offer and told him he wants an answer that day.

Prosecutors have said they don't need the two co-defendants to implicate or testify against each other; that their case is strong enough.

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