April Showers brought May Flowers and a hassle for local businesses


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The rainy, damp and cold Spring caused a shock for many summer businesses within the community, leaving some local shops feeling mother nature's wrath more than others.

The dreary weather hurt the beginning season for Hearth & Homes USA in Marcy. Owner Patrick Hemming said sales picked up once the weather got nicer and the business is now installing above ground pools, almost everyday.

"A large increase," Hemming said. "Everyone's coming in. They are trying to get their pools taken care of and we're here for that."

Some local shops lost business on those damp, Spring days, but said they made up for it during the recently nice weather.

"The spring has been a little different then usual," said Mike Mancuso of Tasty Treats in Utica. "We had a lot of cloudy, rainy days and definitely cooler weather, so we saw a slow down on those days. But then on the nice days, we were twice as busy as usual."

Mancuso also said they have done better business this year then ever before.

The rain and damp weather also affected many crops, causing farmers to rush around and tend to their fields before the rains hit.

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