Arterial project moving along quickly

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Utica's arterial project is moving full speed ahead, with two work contracts happening at once.

However, with one lane always open, officials expect you may have a slow down in your commute, but not a full stop.

The Department of Transportation is finishing up one contract that ends in August, and they're working on another that just started in May. The main thing crews are now working on is getting the Court Street diversion built for when they begin building the Court street bridge. Some closures and shifting are expected Tuesday and through the week.

"We have Warren Street closed," said James Piccola, public information officer for the Department of Transportation. "Earlier today, we had the State Street ramp closed, but that we just opened right now."

Some residents have expressed concern about the pedestrian walkway and the possibility of people using it for something other than the purpose of getting people safely from one side of the arterial to the other. Piccola says the walkway will be well lit, with security cameras feeding live into the Utica Police Department at all times, as well as high fencing.

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