'Believe 271:' Firefighters helping fire fighters suffering from life threatening diseases


BARNEVELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two local fire fighters are helping hundreds of their own.

Captain Brian Palmer, and Chief Brian Healey, both of the Barneveld fire department created an organization and fund they call "Believe 271," after a friend and fellow firefighter was diagnosed with lymph node cancer. It's an organization that helps firefighters battling life threatening illnesses and their families offset medical costs.

The fund has grown tremendously,  raising thousands of dollars within six weeks, an amount neither Palmer nor Healey could have ever imagined.

"Everyone knows someone who suffers from cancer," Palmer said. "And the expenses that go along with it can wreck a whole family so we thought to support our friends, our brothers."

The organization now has a 12 person board with multiple fire departments represented including Barneveld, Remsen, Floyed, Floyed Ladies Auxiliary, Whitesboro and Deerfield.

Chief Healey said, "We're really trying to put a good foundation together or solid foundation to build from so we can make this ever standing."

Those who can potentially receive funding must be fighting a serious illness or injury from an accident. The amount of money provided is on a case by case basis and depends on the illness and the healthcare plan the family has.  

The 'Believe 271' fund falls close to the organizers hearts. They, along with their fellow fire fighters risk their lives on a daily basis, and endure situations that can cause serious health concerns, making firefighters more susceptible to diseases like cancer.

Much of the donations came from the purchase of 'Believe 271,' stickers. The stickers can be put on everything from a fire helmet to a vehicle.

If you would like to donate or purchase a sticker from the 'Believe 271' fund you can do so at their Facebook page and website.



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